Black Volcanic Lava Stone Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Black Volcanic Lava Stone Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Tigers eye is a very protective stone. It has a powerful, dynamic energy with a watchful quality to it. The stone has a strengthening and grounding energy.  The watchful eye energy of the tiger has other healing properties :

  • Brings insight into complex situations
  • Protects from negative energies
  • Helps focus the mind
  • Attracts good luck
  • Can deepen one's meditative state
  • Disintegrates fear

A secret weapon that you and your loved ones should be wearing all the time.

Makes the PERFECT gift for you and your family. Save MONEY with the Bundle Combo.


**Bundle Combo : Buy one and receive the second one for half price**

**Bundle Combo consists of one beaded bracelet and one homemade bracelet.**

**Due to limited stock, only a maximum of 5 bundles per person is allowed.**





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